Skin Care – Psoriasis – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Skin Care – Psoriasis – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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Treat psoriasis with natural home remedies using cabbage leaves or bitter gourd. For complete information check this short video from…


  1. Nicholas Lamborghini is right. We’ve both been covered with Psoriasis
    before. Check out his videos or mine on how to naturally heal your skin. No
    magic products, potions, lotions, or remedies to suppress symptoms. Just
    nutrition facts and common sense to get to the root cause, to eliminate it
    for good. Thanks for reading. Good luck and hang in there everyone.

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  3. i’m 19 and discovered that i have psoriasis at the age of 16. Even though
    it still in its mild stage, i am aware that it can exacerbate.i’m really
    nervous what the future holds for me as far as my psoriasis condition is
    concerned.i can only say 20% of my social life is affected.i wish there is
    a medication to totally cure this disease!

  4. Lack of oil and moisture in skin leads to dryness. As a quick remedy – mix
    2 tbsp honey with 2 tbsp milk. Apply it on your face. Wash off after 15-20
    min. Do this preferably twice everyday. Should help! By the way, we also
    have a video on dry skin care which we will upload shortly!

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