Secrets of Ayurveda

Secrets of Ayurveda

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Kumudini explains you the secrets of Ayurveda!


  1. lived in Scotland for 15 months and all i took in westen medicine was 10
    tablets of antibiotics….. need to go back to India, to my place in Kerala
    and ensharpen, enflame again… give me tulsi and neem juice 🙂

  2. @diliprai do you know that many medicinal plants and herbs used in Ayurveda
    medicine and treatment came from Nepal. watch this video —> GIFT_of_LIFE
    : Nepal as the center for herbal medicinal plants

  3. @Dzongka there are many things aryan brahmins have stole from other race.
    for example lord buddha was mongoloid race yet the aryan brahmin wrote and
    claimed that lord buddha was a hindu aryan and claimed he was avatar of
    hindu god vishnu. so plz if you can’t give credit to kiratas(mongoloid
    race), then don’t steal others work too. watch this video —> The Kiratas
    In Modern India: Discriminated in their own home where still in the 21st
    century, kirat people are discriminated by indians.

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