Intro To Ayurveda

Intro To Ayurveda

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Dr. Indu Arora talks about the basics of Ayurveda, Indias traditional system of medicine. A Van Howe Enterprises, LTD production. Directed by Matthew J Van …


  1. Dearest Dr. Arora, I just finished watching your Intro to Ayurveda. Thank
    you for providing this information via the internet so that many people can
    be served. Your presentation was excellent and clear … and I hope that
    you will do more of these public announcements. Jennifer Sebastian,
    McFarland, WI

  2. Introduction to Ayurveda video by self: Enjoy the documentary in which I
    share about the "Introduction of Ayurveda" as directed and produced by
    Matthew Van Howe and Angel Van Howe!! Hope it brings some light on this
    subject..please share your views!! Namaste 

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