Hair Care – Long Shiny Hair – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Hair Care – Long Shiny Hair – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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Get long and shiny hair with natural home remedies by using either bananas or olive oil. For complete information check this short video from http:www.home…


  1. mam i am boy 23 years old and my hair is straight when it is small and
    becomes curly when it grow ..and look very odd.. i really want to keep a
    long and straight ,shinny and smooth .. do u think this video will help me
    reply soon

  2. I changed the recipe with what I had home and used these ingredients and
    measurements they worked great on my hair it is shiny and smooth. Thxx

    -1 banana
    -1 egg
    -3 tablespoons of milk
    -3 tablespoons of olive oil
    -1 tablespoon of honey

  3. OMG I try it with the banana, egg, honey and milk.. you know I’m getting
    mad after I used because the banana stick in my hair even I blend it. It’s
    hard to comb my hair…I think only egg and olive oil is the
    best…..Thanks for the video…more power….

  4. I just tried the first remedy and am sorry to say it didn’t quite work out
    for me. The banana chunks weren’t the problem, it was the egg. I know eggs
    are good for your scalp, but it gave off an acrid scent even after I washed
    it 4 times with my strongest smelling shampoo. I usually love your
    remedies, but this one honestly didn’t work out for me. 

  5. I have been using this since a few years now. However, I do not add honey
    and instead of milk, I use yogurt. You can also add half a avocado to it.
    The results are great and it makes your hair super soft! I’d suggest not
    shampooing the same day when you apply this hair mask. Also, make sure you
    blend the banana and not just mash it, because some chunks dry and stick to
    your hair even after washing several times.

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