Clip from Healers, the documentary film about Ayurveda on Discovery Channel

Clip from Healers, the documentary film about Ayurveda on Discovery Channel

12 1765

Ayurveda is explained by scientist-physician Dr. Bhaswati Bhattacharya, MD, MPH, also trained in nutrition, ayurveda, herbs, yoga and other natural therapies…


  1. bilkul mai Slip disk ka patient tha mujhe bilkul bhi koi ummeed nahi thi
    mera cure ho jaega par unhone kar ke dikhaya , ye ilaaj bohot achha hai ,
    delhi me aa jao yaha par Ch. brahm prakash ayourvedic charak sansthan hai
    waha par le jao wo iska ilaaj kar denga

  2. to your comments, 3) People stopped using Ayurveda primarily when they were
    forced to, either by the Mogul invasion, the Buddhist invasion, or most
    recently, in 1835, by its outlaw through John Macauley’s efforts to "break
    the spine of the strongest culture through making its medicines and
    language foreign to its own people." BTW, ayurveda is EXTREMELY affordable.
    That is why 75% of India, mostly rural and away from European influence,
    still uses it 5000 years later.

  3. to your comments, 2) Religion is sometimes faith, sometimes force. True
    faith is the mind’s investment in the practice. When the mind is in harmony
    with the environment, neurotransmitters, neurochemicals, hormones, and
    response times physiologically change the physical body. An example is the
    neuropeptide link to the immune system. Another is fear changing adrenalin
    and cortisol levels regularly. That is actual, even in your terms, no?

  4. to your comments, 1) Even when Ayurveda was NOT the only system available,
    people still preferred it when it worked for them. When it did not, they
    tried other things. Medicine is not medicine if it does not WORK.

  5. interesting to have a scientific and progressive view at alternate medical
    systems. Its a pretty bad argument, that Ayurveda should work, because if
    it didn’t people would have stopped using it. First: what else should they
    have done, when Ayurveda was the only system available? Second: there is
    strong religeous ties in Ayurveda, so much of its practice could be based
    on faith, rather than evidence for actual healing.

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