Ayurvedic Marma Treatment with Bud

Ayurvedic Marma Treatment with Bud

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Marmani(Plural) are the doorways to process the unprocessed thought, feeling, and emotion stored in our nervous system, mental pathways, and covered cellular…


  1. I have no idea what this is BUT I’m going to need you to go ahead and do
    all of that to me 🙂 I just today found out what a Psoas is..and now THIS?
    I am in 7th Heaven & after I "get right" I’ll be in 9th heaven. 

  2. This is very interesting. I’d only let someone who was well trained try
    these techniques on me. You could hurt someone otherwise. As for my neck
    area, no way, I don’t want anyone touching my neck.

  3. There is no defined way to work on marmas, traditions in India vary from
    village to village. But I have never seen anyone teach to apply such hard
    pressure. I am curious if this is your own adaptation of marma. But your
    work has an innovative element, some thai etc.

  4. These exercises are part of the warrior traditions from India. I’m glad you
    liked them! Yes we teach these routines according to one’s bodily
    constitution and person capacity. Check out Budtansey. com for more info.

  5. I really loved the exercises you did before the treatment. I teach yoga,
    but have never practiced a lot of those poses, or in that way. Do you teach
    and if so where can I learn more about these awesome, invigorating
    techniques? thanks for sharing

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